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Listermann Brewing Falls in Love With Baby Hippo Fiona – Creates Beer for Fiona

File this under – “Cutest story you will hear all week.”
Listermann Brewing Company found an infatuation with Fiona, a hippopotamus that was born six weeks prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo. The average hippo of her species is born at about 75 pounds and Fiona only 29 pounds. She has been receiving costly around the clock critical care from vet and nursing staff. After learning of the hippo and becoming obsessed – the brewers decided to dedicate a new IPA to the hippo with 25% of the proceeds going straight to Fiona herself and her growth.
The special edition microbrew made its debut on June 10th at at The Listermann Brewing Company before being shipped off to a few local stores where consumers were able to purchase four packs of the light, fruity New England pale ale.
So you’re telling me I get to drink great beer and help this bundle of joy in the process? Count me in.
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** UPDATE: After months of care by the helpful staff of the zoo, Fiona is now doing well and weighing in at 275 pounds and even has made surprise appearances at the outdoor pool. She’s the talk of the town.

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