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Become an Expert at Beer and Food Pairing With This Guide

Do you want to be the hero of your next dinner party? We’re about to make it real easy for you. Pairing food and beer can be a daunting task. You don’t want the flavors in front of you to be battling with each other – you want them to work together and play off each other in harmony. We will be diving into some specific flavor pairings as well as some general tips when trying to find the perfect brew to sip with your dinner.

Finding connecting flavors or aromas is the easiest way to make sure your meal is consistent with itself. You are also going to want to make sure that your beer is as strong as your food – or as light!

  1. Chef Eduardo Garcia’s Chile Salt Sliders – Most amber ales will go great with these sliders. The caramel notes will balance the heat from the burgers perfectly.
  2. (Not so expertly) Seared Scallops – I can almost guarantee your scallops will be cooked better than mine. When I cook – I better have a good beer to go with it or the whole night might be a waste. The only thing that saved my meal was the cold can of Revolution Bottom’s Up Wit. The spicy wheat aromatics combined with the light citrus zestiness will be the hero of any seafood dish.
  3. Caesar salad with grilled salmon – This is one of my favorite meals. It’s easy, filling, and some might even call it healthy. This simple dish will be complimented perfectly with a pilsner. The light qualities of most pilsners will ensure that it doesn’t battle with your main dish.
  4. Indian Food – Oh man. This is one of my favorite combinations. There is a BYOB Indian restaurant down the street from me. Every time I go – I make it a point to grab a 6 pack of your favorite IPA. I like my Indian food spicy. A cold IPA with a decent IBU will accentuate the heat and make sure you get all the flavor profile’s from your main course. We loved Torn Label Brewing Company’s ‘Magic Magic‘ for this one.

 If none of these suggestions tickle your fancy, The Brewer’s Association put together an easy to read chart with some basic pairings that will make your next dinner party a breeze!  

What are some of your favorite pairings? We need ideas for the next PintPass family gathering!

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