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The Chicago White Sox Craft Beer Selection is Ridiculous

The Chicago Cubs may have stunned the world last fall and finally won a world series. But in all seriousness they still drink Old Style. So if the White Sox can’t win in the ballpark – maybe they can win in the bar.

Enter : The Craft Kave – a brand new addition to The White Sox stadium built for baseball fans with a bit more sophisticated beer palette.. It boasts over 75+ craft beers and their selection is continuously being updated.  With all these beers – you can easily find a new beer for every inning even after coming to the ballpark ten times in the course of the Summer. They also serve exclusive craft burgers not found anywhere else in the stadium. The ‘four bagger’ burger might be a bit much for a day game with FOUR patties of meat. The ‘King 14’ burger might strike you out. This double cheeseburger is topped with an Italian sausage, sweet peppers and mozzarella cheese. Check out our handy beer pairings post to see what beer from the ‘Craft Kave’ will go best with The White Sox’s 16″ brisket mac and cheese grilled cheese. No, I don’t know how you’re supposed to stay awake at a baseball game after eating this. We’re open to suggestions. 

If the baseball is lacking – then let the beer make up for it! The beer is rotating constantly through the season and if The White Sox don’t improve soon – you might have a lot of time to taste all of these. 

If you can’t find something you like on this menu – then you aren’t trying hard enough.

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