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Here’s Some Craft Beer Festivals to Check out this Year

We love craft beer festivals. Brewers come together from far and high to these festivals to sample each other’s beers and give us a chance to do a tasting of 10 or 12 beers in one convenient location. It can be as simple as a few local breweries in the same room or a collection of breweries around the world competing for best IPA. Simple or intricate – there is no wrong beer fest to go to as long as you find something you enjoy. We picked some of our favorite beer festivals from around the nation for you guys to check out! Maybe we will bump into you at one of these!

North American Belgian Beer Festival

Located in Westland,Michigan – this festival does exactly what you think it does. It brings together best belgian beers in one place for you to try. A day pass will cost you about $50.00 but it comes with a commemorative glass and unlimited sampling.

Oregon Brewer’s Festival

Over 80,000 make the trek to Portland each July for the Oregon Brewer’s Festival. With over 80 independent craft beer brewers on site and tastings only $1.00 you will no doubt be able to find your next favorite beer that no one has heard of.

Seattle International Beerfest

A lot of beer fests showcase exclusively local or American beers. If you make it to Seattle International Beerfest you will have the option to taste from over 200 different breweries spanning from 14 countries. Do you think you will be able to pronounce every one?

The Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer

Try and say that one ten times fast. Brewers from all over showcase their wood and barrel aged beer at this Chicago based festival. 2016 featured over 400 different beers from 179 different breweries. There are 12 different judging categories for this beer fest – so come see how these breweries try and impress the judges.

Great American Beer Festival

Gorgeous Denver, Colorado is where the Great American Beer Festival calls home. The Brewer’s Association brings together the largest collection of U.S. beer served in a public tasting event.  The Colorado Convention Center will be filled with like minded beer enthusiasts and more beer than you will ever be able to taste. Might want to ‘map out’ your tasting for this one.

What are some of your favorite beer festivals that you think we should check out?

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