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Nine Beer Terms Every Craft Beer Drinker Should Know

Whether you are a brew master or are just starting your journey for your next favorite beer we are so glad you decided to check out PintPass. We want you to be able to sit at any of our 180 + breweries in 31 + states across the US and know exactly what anyone is talking about.  Here’s a few terms you should know. 
IBU : International bittering units – otherwise known as a chemical definition to how bitter (or not bitter) your beer is. Of course each person’s tastebuds will truly dictate each sip – this is an objective measure to give you an idea of what you are about to taste
Imperials : Many times when you see the term ‘imperial’ you can expect a much stronger beer. Everything from the maltiness to the bitterness can be stronger. It can also have more alcohol and a very strong taste. This is for the more experienced drinkers.
ABV : Alcohol by Volume – This one is easy. It’s a measurement of the alcohol in that specific beer. In simple terms – The higher ABV – the easier it is to get drunk. Usually anything with the word ‘imperial’ will mean a higher ABV. So watch out for those if you are just sipping Always remember to drink responsibly folks.
Session Beer : If you are planning a long day of drinking – you are going to want to look for your favorite session beer. These typically low ABV’s and an experienced drinker should be able to drink more than a few of these before really feeling the effects. Remember – everybody is different so always be mindful of what you are consuming!
Gravity : No, this isn’t what keeps you glued to Earth. In the beer world – gravity is the density of your liquid (compared to water) in various stages of fermentation. Among other things – the gravity can vary on how much your sugars have fermented throughout the brewing process.  A lot of your barley wines, barrel aged beers and Belgian golden ales will be high gravity beers. 
Bomber/Growler :  Find a beer you really like? Ask your brewery if they offer that specific brew in bomber or growler size! Most will even let you take them home with you. A Bomber will hold 22 oz. of beer and the growlers are usually between 64 – 68 oz.
Barley : Key component in most beers. In addition to just being a food source for humans and animals alike – it is used as a base malt in the production of beer. A beer that is described as ‘grainy’ may have more barley in it.
Wort : Ultimately the starting point for all beers. You will hear homebrewers talk about their ‘wort.’ It is a sweet liquid that brewers create by steeping barley in hot water and then boiling the rest of the liquid with hops.
Microbrewery : For a brewery to classify as a microbrewery it must only produce 15,000 barrels a year or 460,000 US gallons. Also, 75% of the beer produced must be sold OUTSIDE of the brewery. The ingredients being used have no say on the micro-brewery classification.

Hopefully these terms help you become the craft beer connoisseur we know you can become.

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