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We Choose our Five Favorite Beer Cities

If you are anything like the guys in the PintPass offices – then planning a vacation the craft beer community in the area is imperative to the choices being made. We don’t want to go somewhere and not be able to try beers we can’t taste anywhere else. Right? Maybe we’re the vocal minority on this one. We picked some of our favorite beer cities (Besides Bozeman, Montana of course) to make it easier for you to plan your vacations!

Portland, Oregon

Nestled in Northwest United States – Portland is known for many things. One of them being the amount of beer they have. Out of any city in the world – Portland has the most breweries and Independent Microbreweries in the WORLD. Whether it’s the constantly rotating menu of Ecliptic Brewing or the absurdly sized sandwiches from Fat Head’s Brewery – there really is no way to go wrong.

Denver, Colorado

Denver has much more than just mountains – but be careful drinking here if you don’t have experience with high altitude. One strong beer might feel like four because of the light air. In addition to the massive breweries already nestled in Colorado – the ‘Denver Beer Triangle’ between Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver boasts over 70 breweries between the three.  Ratio Beerworks’ 20 barrel system ensures that there is no shortage of their delicious craft beers.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The best beer cities transcend state lines. It is home to Founders Brewing Co. and Grand Rapids Brewing Co. which can be found in a lot of liquor stores around the nation. Called best beer city in America by USA Today in 2014 – this tight-knit city in the heart of Michigan is and has over 16 breweries in a small area. It’s the perfect town for a brewery-hopping day. Give yourself time to eat lunch or else the day might end earlier than anticipated.

Asheville, North Carolina

If you have never been to Asheville – then make this beer trip the perfect excuse to put it on your map. This artsy town in the mountains of North Carolina has created a community within itself that thrives off artistry, creativity and all around good vibes. It’s a perfect town to go and recharge your batteries while trying brews you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle loves experimenting – and experimenting in beers is what makes great new beers. Seattle has a staggering 40 + breweries in a short span of about 20 miles scattered throughout Seattle. You’re next to the water – and the views are continuously gorgeous. It’s definitely worth a check.

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