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Keep That Summer Body With These Low-Cal Craft Beers

Never sacrifice taste for calories.

Trust me – at PintPass we know that the ‘beer-body’ might not be the most desirable thing. What we do isn’t easy – but we do it for you. The PintPass Community. We take on this burden so you don’t have to. In our extensive research we were able to find some of our best tasting beers that are under 160 calories. It wasn’t easy – but we battle through the trenches for you – the readers. So crack one open, hell crack two from this list because you can.
We tried to find a good array of brews so every beer lover can drink to their body’s content. Don’t sacrifice taste for waistline.

Lava Lake Wit

Crazy Mountain Brewing

Crazy Mountain Brewing is doing some awesome things with their beers. Their take on a classic Belgian Wit Beer might be the tastiest 157 calories you have ever sipped on and a personal favorite of PintPass President. This Wit beer combines floral, grainy and fruity notes into one delicious tasting beer. Drink this light bodied brew with dinner and have more than enough room for dessert. I recommend a spicy Mexican dish with a flan to round out the meal.

Baba Black Lager

Uinta Brewing

This dark lager clocks in at just about 120 calories. Its subtle smokeyness capitalizes on the coffee and chocolate flavors. A beer this rich in flavor will surprise you with how easy it is to drink. Dark in color but relatively light in body – this malty brew is a great go to when cutting calories.

All Day IPA

Founders Brewing

Tucked in the heart of Michigan, Founders Brewing Company always puts out a consistent stream of tasty beers. Their All Day IPA is their signature session ale. At just under 150 calories – this Founders ale stands out from the rest of its brewery brothers. Its light balanced flavor will give you a clean finish and ensures that you truly can drink it All Day.

Bikini Beer

Evil Twin Brewing

81. Just 81 calories is what this Bikini Beer will set you back. A handful of almonds has more calories! It features a low ABV of just 2.7 – but not a low flavor profile at all. Its medium bitternerss and aromatic hops will give you all the pleasures of a great pale ale without the guilt. The perfect beer for a six-pack with your friends.

Festina Peche

Dogfish Head Brewing Company

Clocking in right at our 160 calorie limit this sour from Dogfish Head has been in production for about ten years. Each batch is made with real peaches so the complex fruit aromas and taste will be notable with every sip. My mouth is watering at the idea of drinking this with a nice seafood appetizer this Summer. Remember – you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor for calories.

Remember – just because you love drinking beers out of cans doesn’t mean you have to be shaped like one.

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