If Your Friend Brings These Beers Over – UNFRIEND THEM IMMEDIATELY

Let’s get one thing straight – there’s never an excuse to drink Bud Light Chelada. I don’t care if it has extra lime, or everyone else is drinking it, or it’s the only thing available in a barren desert. We have standards around here. It’s something we feel very strongly about at PintPass. So we wanted to put our brains together and put together an easy to read guide to hand out to your friends when hosting a party. This upcoming list of drinks should be big fat “NO’s” under any circumstance. There could be a series of punishments. You might even have to block them on Facebook. Seriously, they are that bad.
We want to be clear – we’re not trying to be beer elitists – we just want to be proud of what we drink. We will welcome anyone into our social gatherings with open arms, no matter the beer you bring. Because we love you.

Natural Ice

Ah the classic ‘Natty Ice.’ Let’s set one thing straight – the only acceptable place to bring a case of Natty Ice with you if you are a college kid on a budget drinking in a parking lot before a college football game. You’ve grown up. Let’s let our taste buds grow up too. If you are bringing a case of Natural Ice with you, you’re better off bringing a few bottles of Fiji Water. They’ll taste roughly the same – but one will actually impress people.

Keystone Light Lime

No, seriously. It’s a thing. The second you crack it open the smell of stale lime will permeate whatever room you are in. And that’s all you will taste. Have you ever heard the quote, “You can put lipstick on a pig but in the end, it’s still a pig.” Please don’t drink this pig.

Beer 30

Beer 30 is the kind of beer that if someone brought to my house I’m not sure if I would be impressed, shocked, dumbfounded or angry. The signature purple can will have you questioning if you’re drinking a fermented can of grape soda. It’s motto is “Anytime is the right time” in reference to the ‘Beer 30’ name. Anytime for a normal beer, maybe. I don’t use the word ‘swill’ very liberally – but I might for this case of beer.

Mikes Hard Lemonade

Ah. Mikes Hard Lemonade. Creating horrible headaches since 1999. With 30 grams of sugar coming your way in every bottle you are better off getting a Slurpee and pouring a shot of vodka into it. It will taste better, I promise. In recent years they have tried to market a handful of extra flavors trying to trick people into trying them – and even their new variation of “Mike’s Harder Lemonade.” Unforgivable.
It was only a matter of time before Costco got into the beer game. Coming in hot at ~ $22.00 for a 48 rack you’ll only get the bang for your buck if you can get through the whole thing without getting sick of them. You’ll taste the malt in it…and absolutely nothing else. The only thing that will make this bearable is the almost never-ending free samples or the $1.50 hot dog combo at the exit you can get at Costco. Other than that – avoid at all costs!

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