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These Gluten-Free Beers Aren’t Flavor-Free

At PintPass, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the delicious beer that we have grown to love. It’s this love for beer that motivated us to create PintPass in the first place. Although some people choose to live a gluten-free or even gluten-reduced lifestyle for health purposes – about 1% of Americans suffer from Celiac Disease. We know that some of the beers we choose may not be friendly for everyone to drink – so we wanted to round up some of our favorite beers that are either gluten-reduced or completely gluten-free so everyone can enjoy a beer with us!

Gluten-Reduced vs. Gluten-Free

When a beer is labeled as Gluten-Reduced many times it is made with many of the same agents as a normal beer such as barley. Later during the brewing process – specific enzymes are added to the batch that break down the gluten protein. To be gluten reduced it must be under 20 parts per million (PPM). So those with severe gluten sensitivities or allergies should steer clear of these brews. Gluten-free beers use ingredients that are free of the gluten-protein. These beers are safe for anyone to enjoy.


Prairie Path Golden Ale

Two Brothers

After mastering a recipe and cranking out this delicious ale for 10+ years it was discovered that the brewing process ensured that the beer was relatively low in gluten. This blonde ale has enough complexity in the malts that each sip will keep you wondering where each flavor is coming from.  Delicious.

Omission Lager

Widmer Brothers Brewing

Omission has made a name for themselves brewing delicious beers that are all crafted to remove gluten. For a company that’s owned by a macro beer conglomerate – they make an extremely decent lager. Their proprietary gluten reducing process has made a huge splash in the beer industry. Their award-winning lager is approachable by beer fans of any kind. Its easy to drink and a fantastic starter into the craft beer world.

Summit Blonde


Much like The Widmer Brothers – Sufferfest has made a name for themselves by creating gluten-reduced beers that are all below 10 PPM gluten. Their Summit Blonde ale encourages everyone to reach their own personal ‘Summit’ and to be the best person they can be. Its fruity notes of citrus and mango make this a perfect thirst quencher after a long day. Its light color is packed with all sorts of flavors that will satisfy even the most sophisticated of beer drinkers.

Delicious IPA

Stone Brewing

With a name like this, it’s important that you hold up your end of the deal. Trust me, Stone Brewing isn’t lying when they call this year-round brew a ‘Delicious IPA.’ Their combination of hops creates a lemon-drop flavor that balances with the hop spice to give it a uniquely fresh flavor.

Gluten Free

Raspberry Ale

New Planet

When New Planet’s eventual founder discovered he was Celiac, he truly believed that drinking craft beer would be a thing of the past. His love for great-tasting craft beer is what led to New Planet opening its doors. They brew three completely gluten-free beers : blonde ale, pale ale, and their raspberry ale. It has a subtle fruit flavor that won’t overpower you as you enjoy a gluten-free beer that actually tastes good.

Sorghum Pale Ale

Steadfast Beer Company

Although any experienced beer drinker will be able to tell you that this is a gluten-free beer – they will also be able to tell you that the flavor rivals other pale ales. The citrusy hops and the sweet molasses balance off each other perfectly. Don’t let the term ‘gluten-free’ scare you away from this beer.
We love seeing breweries go out of their comfort zones to help create beers that everyone can drink. Don’t let your gluten sensitivity stop you from tasting some of these delicious brews.

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