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Keep Portland Weird With These Awesome Breweries

If you are an Oregon resident then you know what to expect when it comes to beer. Breweries populate this great state. Portland residents live their motto, “Keep Portland Weird” while citizens of Bend enjoy their in land quirks. It’s an area that’s quirky, loveable, and exciting at all the same time. Did I mention they have damn good beer? Oregon can be a daunting place – so we picked out some of our favorite breweries that have the official PintPass seal of approval. Hope to see some of you out at one sometime soon! Cheers!

Upright Brewing

If you don’t look hard enough – you might miss this brewery. It’s hidden in the basement of an old building. Street parking is slim – but you are welcome to bring your bike inside if you need to. Their tight knit team has a huge range of experience. Their team hails from Michigan, New Jersey, Idaho and Maine…just to give you an idea. They specialize in farmhouse brews with French and Belgian roots with just the perfect amount of Portland weird sprinkled in. Don’t even think about paying with your plastic – they only take cash or check here.

Lucky Labrador Brewing Company

The Lucky Labrador Brewing Company is a Portland staple. They have four locations across Portland all with tasting rooms. Whether you are enjoying a cold sandwich at their original location on Hawthorne Blvd. or a pizza and try one (or a few) of their 16 taps at their newest location on North Killingsworth – you can be assured that the quality will always be there. They pride themselves on their solar powered water heaters – continuously on the quest to sustainable craft beer.

Ecliptic Brewing Company

Ecliptic Brewing is the brain child of John Harris. This esteemed brewing icon is a cornerstone of Oregon’s esteemed history in craft brewing. His original recipes and over 20 years of experience is just part of what gives Ecliptic Brewing its magic. Their fully stocked bar and restaurant makes this a perfect place for a family outing – or a couples night out. Harris instills his love for all things astronomy in the names of his beers. Whether it’s the ‘Capella Porter’ named after a single star or their Starburst IPA that promises to ‘produce a soaring amount of hop flavor’ just like a starburst,  which “Produces an exceptionally high amount of stars.” You won’t be disappointed.

The Commons Brewery

The Commons Brewery wasn’t born around some revolutionary idea. It was created under the notion of ‘gathering around beer’ and it has stuck to its roots since its birth. They specialize in session brews that are easily drinkable. Don’t focus on every sip but instead, “The focus should be on friends and family they are sharing time with” (The Commons Brewery). Simply put – if you are looking for a great brewery to share great beers with – this is your place. You won’t find anything extremely complex here – because, “There are plenty of breweries already covering that arena.”

Burnside Brewing Company – PintPass Member Brewery

In just its 7th year of being a brewery, Burnside Brewing Company has already garnered attention for itself as a brewery. They take risks, but stay familiar enough as to not alienate new beer drinkers. Their constantly rotating menu of cured meats, charcuterie and pickled items are all crafted in house. Looking for something with a bit more weight? Their full dinner menu is a perfect example of great gastro-pub fare. And that’s not even mentioning their beer – which is pretty freaking good.

Not IN Portland – but pretty dang close honorable mentions

Feckin Brewery – PintPass Member Brewery

Feckin Brewery specializes in Irish beers with a tinge of Northwest swag. They love their ‘Feckin’ beers, their ‘Feckin’ BBQ and all their ‘Feckin’ kids. They have a small menu, but every piece is effective. Whether you choose to enjoy their acclaimed “Top O’ The Feckin Mornin” imperial porter with their turkey drumstick the size of your forearm, or their stoned IPA with a pile of smoked brisket – you’re going to leave ‘Feckin’ happy.

Crux Fermentation Project

Make sure you look up when the sun is going down if you are trying to hit The Crux Fermentation Project’s happy hour. Their “Sundowner Hour” revolves directly when the sun goes down. If you plan it out perfectly you can enjoy special prices a half hour before the sun goes down and a half hour after the sun goes down. Many choose this ‘sundowner hour’ as the perfect time to enjoy some killer brews like their ‘Crux Stout’ that’s so good that you won’t have to save it for a rainy day. Up for something lighter? The ‘Off-Leash’ session IPA is perfect for sipping as the beautiful Oregon sun says goodbye for the night.

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