We've Been Waiting for This Official Shower Beer for So Long

Ah – the cold shower beer. Perfect for after a long day of work – or a hot summer day. The shower beer is an often overlooked indulgence.
There’s nothing quite like a hot shower, and an ice cold beer. But trust me when I say, it’s much better experienced than described. PangPang, a Swedish brewery unveiled the first officially branded ‘Shower Beer’ earlier this year.
It’s compact so it will fit in your shower caddy, and is packed with a 10% ABV. It can be finished in a few big gulps if you’re in a hurry – or sip it if you want to indulge. It’s the perfect way to start your night…or end it.

We can’t wait for this pale ale to make its way stateside. Until then – we will have to shower beer with whatever is in our fridge.
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