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What is The PintPass Team Drinking Vol. 2

 We’re back with one of our favorite kind of articles. We take a step back away from the app and get to share with the PintPass crew some of our favorite beers we are currently drinking. It’s an ongoing series – because you guys know more than anybody just how easy it is to find your new favorite beer – especially when the seasons change.
Without further ado… here is the next round of beers that are flowing in and out of the PintPass offices!

Citrus Mistress

Citrus Mistress not only has a catchy name – it’s also pretty great tasting as well. Hop Valley uses four different kinds of hops in the brewing process before finishing it off with grapefruit peels in order to give it a gorgeous array of citrus aromatics and flavor. It’s unmistakable burnt-orange color will be a welcome addition to any pint glass.

Canu Recreation Ale

 We’ve been going crazy over Überbrew’s Canu Recreation Ale. It has a substance like a cream ale – but can be sipped like a session ale if you have a busy day and want to knock back more than one. The flaked barley, German malt and hops work together in perfect harmony to give Canu it’s delectable flavor.

S’more Stout

Base Camp Brewing Company’s S’more Stour somehow takes all the best parts of making s’mores and put them in a bottle. Each whiff grants beautiful aromas of chocolate, coffee, fig, and even smoke. If you drink it at Base Camp – it’s even served with a toasted marshmallow garnish.

Bait Ball IPA

This unfiltered IPA we found coming from California has one of the deepest gold colors we’ve seen in a pour. It has hints of passion and grapefruit but is met with the classic hop bitterness that we have come to love and expect from a great IPA.

Easy Street Wheat

This beer from O’Dells Brewing gets its name from the ‘Easy Street’ lifestyle of Colorado – and this beer absolutely reflects that. It is light in color and has excellent citrus understones. This wheat beer has a smooth finish that will leave you wanting to change your address to ‘123 Easy Street.’

Going to the Sun IPA

This IPA prides itself on being a deliciously drinkable beer. It has a flurry of different flavors that will flood your tongue and nose in every sup without overpowering you. It’s a great IPA that is perfect for beer drinking experts, rookies and everyone in between.  The label on the bottle is a work of art in itself – only matched by the beer inside the bottle.

Liberty IPA

Liberty IPA is the definition of a legacy beer. It’s Anchor Brewing’s re-envisionment of their classic Liberty Ale brewed with the goggles of a 2017 brewer. It gets its unforgettable pine & citrus aromas from three different kinds of hops. Its bitterness has a beautiful malt base to create a perfect balance. We absolutely love the packaging and its throwback to the Liberty Ale.
Just like the best of beer drinkers – our favorite beers change almost daily. So as to not bore you – we will keep our PintPass favorite beer pieces to just quarterly. We want to hear from you! What are you drinking? Stop by our Facebook and let us know what you’re drinking!

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