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These Breweries Have Much More Than Great Beer

If you’re an avid beer drinker – you know that the beer you’re drinking is only part of the experience. When you drink a beer – you are experiencing it with much more than your taste buds. You are seeing, you are smelling, you are talking. When you reminisce on your ‘favorite beer’ you might remember the taste, but even more, you will remember where you drank it. What were you looking at? Who did you share a conversation with? A great beer is much more than just a beverage.
That’s why we wanted to gather a list of some of our favorite breweries that not only have an incredible beer – but pair it with an incredible view or environment. The ambiance of these breweries is just as much a part of the experience as whatever you order at the bar. It will leave you with a memory that is much more than taste.

Pelican Brewing Company

Pacific City, OR

The Pacific City location is where Pelican Brewing got its start in 1996. This local favorite has brought its 20+ years of experience to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and has been constantly winning awards since 1998 – and for good reason. You can enjoy almost all of their beers at any of their 3 locations – but their Pacific City location has some extremely exclusive beachfront real estate. On a wavey day – you can sit and watch the surfers as they catch waves all afternoon in front of Oregon’s largest Haystack Rock.

Map Brewing

Bozeman, MT

MAP Brewing gets its name from owner “Dash” Rodman’s study of cartography in college. We are so lucky he met co-owner Patrick Kainz because Map Brewing is one of our favorite spots while we are hanging out west. A seat on their patio will leave you with a front row seat of Montana’s breathtaking Bridger Mountain Range. Their menu is all locally sourced – and you won’t find us calling anything that they serve as ‘pug-grub.’ You won’t find a Scotch Egg on many other brewery menus. Their signature brew, Midas Crush, is a gorgeously light West Coast IPA that has the perfect fruity notes. Pair it with a mountain view and one of their local brat sandwiches to really get

Ballast Point

Long Beach, CA

Ballast Point shouldn’t be a stranger to any craft beer fans. They have developed flavors and bottled beers that have been shipped all over the country. They are masters of fruit-infused beers – and are always proving to those that say they don’t like ‘fruity beers’ that there’s nothing wrong with a little fruit in your beer. Whether it’s their tart cherry wheat ale (Sea Rose) or their Double IPA with watermelon ( Watermelon Dorado) – their beers are perfect with a view of the California sunset.

Golden City Brewery

Golden, CO

Sometimes the best places to drink a beer aren’t in extravagant places. Sometimes you just want to relax somewhere comfortable, and drink a beer in a familiar setting. That’s exactly what you’ll get at Golden City Brewing. It will feel like you’re drinking a beer in a backyard – that’s because you are!Their repurposed backyard is packed with umbrellas, tables and huge trees that give the popular Colorado spot a familiar feeling, even if it is your first time visiting.


Chicago, IL

A brewery should never try to install itself into a community despite the culture – it should be more because of the culture. A seat and a beer inside Baderbrau is a snapshot of Chicago. The first thing you’ll notice upon sitting down at this South Side establishment is the gorgeous art on the walls, reminiscent of some of the vibrant street art that decorates Chicago. They have mastered their Chicago Pilsener – and continue to be a Chicago staple.

Monhegan Brewing Company

Monhegan, ME

Unless you’re one of the 60 year-round residents of this small island off the coast of Maine – you will more than likely be arriving to this brewery by boat. During peak season you can choose 1 of 3 different ferries that will take you to the island. This family-owned brewery is only open from May to October and even uses hops that are grown right on the island! There’s a handful of lodging, dining, and attractions on the island – so a weekend trip will definitely be worth your while.

Lone Peak Brewery

Big Sky, MT

Lone Peak Brewery is Big Sky’s first and only microbrewery with a fully licensed restaurant. No matter where you are coming from – it will feel like you are drinking somewhere familiar. Share a beer with a new friend at the bar and enjoy one of their many themed nights that often feature live music or comedy. It’s surrounded by mountains and just a short drive away from Yellowstone National Park. Their 13 tap handles have a stream of rotating seasonals and fantastic award-winning specialty brews. Their Lone Peak IPA is perfect for drinking 3 or 13. It’s not overwhelming and even those that aren’t a fan of hoppy beers will drink this one with ease.

What do you remember about your favorite brewery experience? What made it special? We would love to hear from you! Check out our Facebook page and let us know.

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