Check Out Some of Our Favorite South-Florida Breweries

Right at the most south-eastern tip of the nation, we find ourselves in beautiful Florida.

The Sunshine State. It’s home to alligators, The Gators, some awesome beachside property and wouldn’t you know it? Some pretty freaking great breweries as well. Since Florida is so big, we decided to start in the Southern part of Florida and try and work our way up. Most of these are close to the coast, so the beach isn’t very far away. Beer on the beach is a fantastic 1-2 punch. Trust me. 

Titanic Brewery

Miami, FL

Titanic Brewery is Miami’s oldest standing brewpub. The staff is knowledgeable and eager to answer questions, especially about the brewing process. With great prices on fresh seafood and even better beer that has been perfected over 17 years of brewing. It’s a very communal brewery – it features “open mic – jazz jams on Tuesday nights and open blues jams on Wednesday nights. Don’t know any Jazz or blues? Stop by on Sunday for Karaoke night!

Barrel Of Monks Brewing – (PintPass Member Brewery)

Boca Raton, Florida


What started as three friends traveling to Belgium to see how their favorite beers are made quickly blossomed into something much bigger. This Southern Florida brewery brews exclusively Belgian style beer – but don’t be intimidated – each of their servers & bartenders are Cicerone educated so they can walk you through some of these foreign sounding beers. Don’t let Belgium beers scare you away.

Riptide Brewing Co.

Naples, FL

Riptide Brewing started in a garage. After being (lovingly) evicted from their homes by angry (loving) wives due to hot water interruptions and general brewery chaos they were forced to find a new home. They found an old warehouse in Naples and started inviting all their friends to it. THis is the heart of Riptide Brewing. Great beers between great friends. The Riptide fermentation tanks sit square in the middle of the taproom, so you know you’re not far from the action. These guys are brewers, not cooks so they invite a handful of food trucks to set up shop in their beer garden.

J. Wakefield Brewery

Miami, FL

John Wakefield’s journey into brewing starts with a $50 homebrewing kit, followed by an internship at Cigar City Brewing. In hopes of opening his own brewery, John went on an online crowdfunding campaign and raised over $55,000 in less than 30 hours by eager fans. In January 2015, J. Wakefield opened its doors and excited beer fans fill it up every day. The tap room is packed with colors. One wall is adorned by a star wars mural, and other walls have comic book lithographs littered all over. Their ‘Hops For Teacher IPA’ is a work of art.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The catchy name is not the most impressive notion when it comes to this nano-brewery. Like most great breweries, it started with a couple of people, some tanks, and a garage. They’ve grown quickly though. Their newest iteration has 3 barrels and they brew 1000+ barrels of beer a year. Most of the taproom is furnished and built with reclaimed materials. They use everything from recycled wooden pallets to defective railroad rails to call LauderAle – home.
Plus the name is too perfect not to use. 

26 Degree Brewing Co.

Pompano Beach, FL

Great beer, a 54’ bar and just steps away from the beach? Sign me up. Their huge tap-room is spacious, yet inviting. You’re welcome to roam freely and pick out a board game to play or enjoy a sporting event on their wall of TVs. They sometimes have enough room to set up a foosball table inside! Whatever you decide to do at 26 Degree brewing – definitely do not leave before trying their signature Hefeweizen.

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