Innovation in Craft Beer Leads Big Brewers to Think Differently

With all the innovations that craft beer breweries have put into the beer world – it was only a matter of time until some of the bigger breweries followed suit to make a splash for themselves once again. First up? Heineken.
In an ever-changing landscape of beer fans that seem to always be on the lookout for the next great IPA and how hoppy it can possibly be – Heineken decided to look in a different direction.

Beginning in October, Heineken’s newest creation will be available in New York City with a steady expansion to other beer markets. This new beer which is being presented as a ‘Wild Lager’ is being called H41.
The secret behind this new beer is the yeast that is being used in the brewing process. Diego Libkind, a scientist from Argentina discovered the new strain in the trees amongst the mountains of Patagonia. Upon hearing of the yeast Heineken’s brewmaster, Willem Van Waesberghe, licensed the yeast. After two years of testing, adjusting and experimenting Heineken’s newest creation was born.
Lovingly called H41 after the latitude that the yeast was found, uses most of the traditional Heineken recipe – except of course the domestic yeast being replaced for the new wild one.
H41 is only the first of Heineken’s new ‘Wild Lagers’ series. We will have to wait and see what else they come up with.
For years, microbreweries have been at the forefront of innovation amongst beer but now that the mega-breweries are catching up it will be interesting to see what new beers are created.
Source : CNBC

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