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Good River Beer Pledges 2% of Profits to River Conservation

Brewing beer is great but brewing beer to help a non-profit is AWESOME.
The Founders of Good River BeerAdam, Preston and Eric always knew they wanted to do more than just great beer. They knew they needed to add something to the company to help it flourish – “Something from the heart.” They combined their love for the outdoors and great beer into one company that we know as ‘Good River Beer.’
In their continued effort to be a “GOOD Company” they promise to give at least 2% of all profits to non-profit organizations focused on river conservation.
In a quote given to 5280.Com, co-founder of Good River Beer said, “I believe that every for-profit should be involved in some sort of conservation effort – some sort of movement that they really believe in.“The Good River Beer founded non-profit organization, 2% For Rivers, ensures that your dollars are directed to the right causes.”

They currently have partnerships with organizations like Colorado Water Trust and American Whitewater and pledge to be completely transparent with where donated funds end up going.
Whether you are buying a 6-pack of Good River Beer or have your own way of helping do good across the world – we hope that more brewers start to take notice. It only takes a few to start a movement.

I love being able to fund conservation efforts with a purchase of a 6-pack.
Whether you are drinking the Fu Fighter Belgian Golden Ale (Named after the Futaleufu River in Chile) or The Gunny Black Lager (Named after the Gunnison River) you can be assured that you are putting your wallet in the right spot.

If you want to help fund river conservation with your purchase – you will have to be in Colorado – so keep an eye out at these bars and liquor stores.

Check out Good River Beer’s Facebook for updates and future fundraising events!

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