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Get Ready for The Cold Winter Months with These High ABV Beers

Well, it’s finally coming and for some of us, it may already be here. Winter. We dread it every single year – and every year we find a way to handle it. Some thrive and take up skiing or snowboarding (Not me) some migrate somewhere warm for a few months of the year (I wish) and some even find a loved one to cuddle with for a few months of the year (HAHA DEFINITELY NOT ME).
What does that leave for the rest of us? Bundle up and hibernate until the sun comes back out again?
Let me introduce you to my favorite wintertime activity – especially when it is snowing. (Editor’s note: I hate the snow).
Winter months are perfect for heavy beers with high ABVs. You know you’re not going to go outside at all and you might even need an external way to help warm up. Trust me – after a couple of these beers you might not even need a sweater. So remember to always drink responsibly!
We started with an 8.9% and go all the way up to 13.0%. Cheers!

Stone Brewing

Stone Loral & Dr. Rudi’s Inevitable Adventure Double IPA


If we’re talking delicious, high ABV beers you know we had to put at least one from Stone Brewing. So mark this one on your calendar. Because this delicious double IPA from Stone Brewing is going to be available nationwide on January 29, 2018. This hop monster has a bitter aroma with unmistakeable tropical hoppy notes. Stone Brewing once again marries two different kinds of hops in a way that only they can master. Can’t wait till this one hits the shelves this winter.

Avery Brewing

Maharaja Imperial IPA


The hoppiness of Avery Brewing’s Maharaja Imperial IPA is the perfect balance to the high alcohol level. It has just the right amount of hops to keep a nice bitter flavor. This old-school style imperial IPA is a brew that any experienced beer drinker will be able to respect & enjoy. It’s light fruity notes gives it a great mouth-feel.


Imperial Stout


We keep trying to find a beer from Founder’s we don’t like and it seems to be getting harder. They have a beer for almost any situation. Their Imperial Stout is constantly referred to as one of the best stouts available on the market year after year after year. It’s deep dark pour is met with a gorgeous tan head (if poured correctly). It has a great smokey taste so it makes it a fantastic sidekick for whatever meats you may be enjoying.

New Holland Brewing

Dragon’s Milk


The coffee and chocolate aromas from this landmark beer from New Holland Brewing is the first thing that will strike you if you pour one of these into a proper glass. Its deep jet black color is almost mesmerizing but you will be surprised by the overall drinkability of this one. Even novice beer drinkers will be able to enjoy this one so don’t let the ABV or deep color scare anyone away. It finishes with a strong vanilla aftertaste that helps cover some of the bitterness.

Dogfish Head

Palo Santo Marron


This year-round release from Dogfish Head gets its unique flavors from the handmade barrels made from Palo Santo wood. Palo Santo literally means ‘holy tree’ and is used in South American wine-making communities. It has immediate caramel and vanilla tasting notes that it gets from the unique wood. The sweetness will stay on your tongue for a bit longer than you would expect for a beer like this. You’ll be surprised at the drinkability of this brew when you see its 12.0% nametag.

Fremont Brewing



If you are familiar with Fremont Brewing – you might remember this beer as Bourbon Abominable Winter Ale. I think B-Bomb rolls off the tongue a bit better. This hard-hitting ale is aged in 12-year-old oak bourbon barrels. This aging process is where it gets its distinct tasting notes of coffee, cacao, and oak. If you can get your hands on one of these for the winter don’t be scared to open it up on delivery…but feel free to keep it in your beer cellar for at least five years. My recommendation if you can get your hands on this year’s B-Bomb – buy two. One for today and one for a special occasion down the road. 
Ned Stark said it best. Winter is definitely coming. But luckily us beer drinkers have something to look forward to. Sitting inside, safe from the elements, by a fireplace sipping on some of our favorite strong beers.
Perfect when you need an extra layer – any of the beers on this list will help warm you up. A beer jacket is my favorite jacket.

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