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Drink Up! Here’s How One Craft Brewery Gave Life To a Town’s Economy

There’s no better way to contribute to a town’s economy than dishing out delicious suds.

One of the best ways towns across America are boosting their local economies is with grand openings of craft breweries. It is a win-win situation for all. Beer enthusiasts get their dream of opening a business, and downtown areas get the foot traffic they need. There’s no better way to contribute to a town’s economy than dishing out delicious suds!

The opening of the first brewery in Queen Creek, Arizona is one of many examples of how a craft brewery gives life to a city. Owners Christine McKean, Brian McKean, and Ryan Bostrom opened Old Ellsworth Brewing Company on July 17, 2017. In an interview with the Queen Creek Independent, Bostrom said, “We love making beer. We love to do a wide variety of styles so the people out here in Queen Creek can get the vast styles of beer.” Their passion for craft beer shows as many say that Old Ellsworth Brewing Company is one of the best additions to the downtown area.

The town’s economic development coordinator, Jennifer Lindley, was just as excited as the Old Ellsworth Brewing Company team to have a brewery people could enjoy downtown. In an interview back in March with Sonu Wasu of ABC 15 Arizona, Lindley explained how the city was looking for the right person to open up a brewery to bring more interest to the area. “It’s really helped our growth here in the town center area. We are starting to see a lot of investment and growth in the area,” said Lindley. The city is so pleased that their vision of creating a walkable downtown area has come true.  

Although they are small, craft breweries pack an economic impact in towns everywhere. In 2016, they contributed about $68 billion to the national economy — the Brewers Association told the New York Times. Just one more reason to take your brewing hobby and turn it into a thriving business.

Ms. Lindley went on to say that Old Ellsworth Brewing Company continues to contribute to the community with an array of events. The team hosts fundraisers, book clubs, and even yoga classes. The brewery collaborates with businesses around town and, in some cases, gives their brews away. On Memorial Day, Old Ellsworth Brewing Company made food extra tasty by giving away some of their beers to put into the brats from The Pork Shop.

Not only is their beer delicious, but their food is too. Everything is made fresh and in-house. This was Bostrom’s first time opening a restaurant along with the brewery — and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He told the Queen Creek Independent, “It’s what helps us be successful — having good food and good beer, and not lacking on one or the other.” Their Hatch Green Chile Chicken Nachos are a hit with beer drinkers alike. The perfect treat to end the day after exploring the area.

Craft breweries and economies go hand-in-hand. Nothing drives foot traffic to a town like a beer hall with a highly-rated tap list. The names of the beers over at Old Ellsworth are hilarious. When you visit, try their American Porter, Dead Porter Society, a delicious brew that’s aged for 30 days. If you are more of an ale drinker, fill up on a mug of Cloudy With A Chance of Gruit. It’s brewed with 11 different grains and no hops. Definitely worth a try to see exactly what craft beer lovers are talking about.

Who would have ever thought that being a devoted craft beer drinker would support the economy? Cheers!

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