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How The Government Shutdown Is Interfering With Craft Breweries Across The Country

An article from NPR highlights the effects the government shutdown is having on craft brewery operations.

Regardless of your political affiliation — we all love beer.

The US is now experiencing the longest government shutdown in history. Businesses across America are in a holding pattern until the government comes to an agreement. It may surprise you to hear that the shutdown is interfering with craft breweries. How? With government departments closed, more specifically the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), there is no one to approve beer labels. Breweries depend on the TTB to approve a beer’s alcohol content and fluid ounces in a bottle. With them being unavailable to do so, cases and cases of craft beers have no way of getting out of breweries and onto the shelves of liquor stores.

In an article from NPR, New Bottled Brews Delayed By Government Shutdown, they explain what this all means for breweries across American and the potential outcome if the shutdown continues.

Read the entire article here.

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