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    Check Out Some of our Favorite Beer-Yoga Spots

    There is nothing more important than carbing up after a good workout. Not only will post-exercise carbohydrates make muscles grow more quickly, it will also leave you feeling more refreshed the next morning. That is why some breweries have taken on the social responsibility of hosting yoga classes in their establishments. Here are our favorite […] More

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    The 2017 PintPass Thanksgiving Beer Pairing Guide

    Everyone has their own definition of Thanksgiving. For some it’s a family gathering in November – others see it as an all-day football marathon. But I think most have one thing in common. It’s a socially acceptable time to eat as much food as possible. With all the thought and planning that goes into almost […] More

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    These Breweries Have Much More Than Great Beer

    If you’re an avid beer drinker – you know that the beer you’re drinking is only part of the experience. When you drink a beer – you are experiencing it with much more than your taste buds. You are seeing, you are smelling, you are talking. When you reminisce on your ‘favorite beer’ you might […] More

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    Does Letting Cold Beer Get Warm Ruin Your Beer?

    How many times have you heard people arguing about letting a cold beer get warm? Do you know how many beer purists have heckled me when I let a sealed beer get back to room temperature and then put it back in my fridge to enjoy the next day? Am I drinking tainted beer? Or […] More

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    What Beer is Your Favorite NFL Team?

    Labor Day has come and gone and that means one thing – FOOTBALL IS BACK, BABY. Whether you’re a college football fan, NFL purist, or can’t get enough of both, then fall is your time to thrive. If you’re anything like me then you have a standing appointment at Noon CST with your couch, your […] More

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    These Gluten-Free Beers Aren’t Flavor-Free

    At PintPass, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the delicious beer that we have grown to love. It’s this love for beer that motivated us to create PintPass in the first place. Although some people choose to live a gluten-free or even gluten-reduced lifestyle for health purposes – about 1% of Americans suffer […] More

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    If Your Friend Brings These Beers Over – UNFRIEND THEM IMMEDIATELY

    Let’s get one thing straight – there’s never an excuse to drink Bud Light Chelada. I don’t care if it has extra lime, or everyone else is drinking it, or it’s the only thing available in a barren desert. We have standards around here. It’s something we feel very strongly about at PintPass. So we wanted […] More

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    Keep That Summer Body With These Low-Cal Craft Beers

    Trust me – at PintPass we know that the ‘beer-body’ might not be the most desirable thing. What we do isn’t easy – but we do it for you. The PintPass Community. We take on this burden so you don’t have to. In our extensive research we were able to find some of our best […] More

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    We Choose our Five Favorite Beer Cities

    If you are anything like the guys in the PintPass offices – then planning a vacation the craft beer community in the area is imperative to the choices being made. We don’t want to go somewhere and not be able to try beers we can’t taste anywhere else. Right? Maybe we’re the vocal minority on […] More

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    What Is The PintPass Team Drinking? Vol. 1

    You didn’t think that we just tell other people where to drink did you? The beers we recommend and breweries we highlight are the product of very arduous research. It’s part of the hard work we do for the PintPass Community. As many of you know – we are based out of Montana so in […] More

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