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    Check Out Some of our Favorite Beer-Yoga Spots

    There is nothing more important than carbing up after a good workout. Not only will post-exercise carbohydrates make muscles grow more quickly, it will also leave you feeling more refreshed the next morning. That is why some breweries have taken on the social responsibility of hosting yoga classes in their establishments. Here are our favorite […] More

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    Check Out Some of Our Favorite South-Florida Breweries

    Right at the most south-eastern tip of the nation, we find ourselves in beautiful Florida. The Sunshine State. It’s home to alligators, The Gators, some awesome beachside property and wouldn’t you know it? Some pretty freaking great breweries as well. Since Florida is so big, we decided to start in the Southern part of Florida […] More

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    These Breweries Have Much More Than Great Beer

    If you’re an avid beer drinker – you know that the beer you’re drinking is only part of the experience. When you drink a beer – you are experiencing it with much more than your taste buds. You are seeing, you are smelling, you are talking. When you reminisce on your ‘favorite beer’ you might […] More

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    Keep Portland Weird With These Awesome Breweries

    If you are an Oregon resident then you know what to expect when it comes to beer. Breweries populate this great state. Portland residents live their motto, “Keep Portland Weird” while citizens of Bend enjoy their in land quirks. It’s an area that’s quirky, loveable, and exciting at all the same time. Did I mention […] More

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    We Choose our Five Favorite Beer Cities

    If you are anything like the guys in the PintPass offices – then planning a vacation the craft beer community in the area is imperative to the choices being made. We don’t want to go somewhere and not be able to try beers we can’t taste anywhere else. Right? Maybe we’re the vocal minority on […] More

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    Five Summer Exclusive Beers You Can’t Miss

    We all have that favorite beer that only comes around once a year. It’s easy to let it pass by without even thinking about it. These Summer seasonals are more than just a beer. They come jam packed with memories of Summer’s past.  Here’s some of our favorite Summer exclusive brews. Don’t let these sneak […] More

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