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    These Beers are Perfect to Drink by The Fireplace

    Ever since my first sip of Beer to Drink Music to, the iconic beer by Dogfish Head, I have wanted a brewery to do a series about the perfect environments to drink their special brews. Beer to Imbibe Hookie to, Beer to Gulp Literature to, the options are as varied as they are delightful. Since […] More

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    These Winter Brews Will Cure Any Winter Blues

    As winter bares its frosty teeth, covering bars and brewpubs everywhere in a dusting of fresh powder, a slew of new brews becomes available in bottle shops across the states.  People tend to think of winter as a time for rich, dark stouts and porters. While there are exceptional examples of those styles being released, […] More

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    These Breweries Have Much More Than Great Beer

    If you’re an avid beer drinker – you know that the beer you’re drinking is only part of the experience. When you drink a beer – you are experiencing it with much more than your taste buds. You are seeing, you are smelling, you are talking. When you reminisce on your ‘favorite beer’ you might […] More

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    What is The PintPass Team Drinking Vol. 2

     We’re back with one of our favorite kind of articles. We take a step back away from the app and get to share with the PintPass crew some of our favorite beers we are currently drinking. It’s an ongoing series – because you guys know more than anybody just how easy it is to find […] More

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    What Beer is Your Favorite NFL Team?

    Labor Day has come and gone and that means one thing – FOOTBALL IS BACK, BABY. Whether you’re a college football fan, NFL purist, or can’t get enough of both, then fall is your time to thrive. If you’re anything like me then you have a standing appointment at Noon CST with your couch, your […] More

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    Keep Portland Weird With These Awesome Breweries

    If you are an Oregon resident then you know what to expect when it comes to beer. Breweries populate this great state. Portland residents live their motto, “Keep Portland Weird” while citizens of Bend enjoy their in land quirks. It’s an area that’s quirky, loveable, and exciting at all the same time. Did I mention […] More

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    These Gluten-Free Beers Aren’t Flavor-Free

    At PintPass, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the delicious beer that we have grown to love. It’s this love for beer that motivated us to create PintPass in the first place. Although some people choose to live a gluten-free or even gluten-reduced lifestyle for health purposes – about 1% of Americans suffer […] More

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