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    Dream Brewery Tours to Take In 2019

    The explosion of the craft brewery scene over the past few years is stunning. According to the Brewers Association, at the end of 2017, there were 6,266 craft breweries in the U.S. Of that 6,266, 2,252 are brewpubs, 3,812 are microbreweries, and 202 are regional craft breweries. With so many places available to check out, […] More

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    Keep That Summer Body With These Low-Cal Craft Beers

    Trust me – at PintPass we know that the ‘beer-body’ might not be the most desirable thing. What we do isn’t easy – but we do it for you. The PintPass Community. We take on this burden so you don’t have to. In our extensive research we were able to find some of our best […] More

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    We Choose our Five Favorite Beer Cities

    If you are anything like the guys in the PintPass offices – then planning a vacation the craft beer community in the area is imperative to the choices being made. We don’t want to go somewhere and not be able to try beers we can’t taste anywhere else. Right? Maybe we’re the vocal minority on […] More

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    What Is The PintPass Team Drinking? Vol. 1

    You didn’t think that we just tell other people where to drink did you? The beers we recommend and breweries we highlight are the product of very arduous research. It’s part of the hard work we do for the PintPass Community. As many of you know – we are based out of Montana so in […] More

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    Five Summer Exclusive Beers You Can’t Miss

    We all have that favorite beer that only comes around once a year. It’s easy to let it pass by without even thinking about it. These Summer seasonals are more than just a beer. They come jam packed with memories of Summer’s past.  Here’s some of our favorite Summer exclusive brews. Don’t let these sneak […] More

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    Listermann Brewing Falls in Love With Baby Hippo Fiona – Creates Beer for Fiona

    File this under – “Cutest story you will hear all week.” Listermann Brewing Company found an infatuation with Fiona, a hippopotamus that was born six weeks prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo. The average hippo of her species is born at about 75 pounds and Fiona only 29 pounds. She has been receiving costly around the clock […] More